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Why Men Should Practice Yoga

There are many significant benefits for men who practice yoga. These range from better mental health to enriched physical fitness. Here are the reasons why men should practice yoga. And if you fancy coming along to one of our free yoga classes, choose your preferred location from the following list and sign up to receive information and book your free class - Brookwood, Billingshurst, Deepcut.

Health Benefits

  • Yoga does wonders for a healthy heart - Yoga poses are held for extended periods of time. During this time, you build up your stamina and cardiovascular strength. This is what improves the health of your heart. And because men are more susceptible to heart issues, it's a big reason for men to do yoga.

  • Yoga helps to teach you your strength and limits - Yoga is all about goal setting and intentions. But it's also about getting to know yourself and your body, so you know not to push yourself too hard.

  • Yoga improves your overall health - Yoga focuses on the breath and stretching. All yoga practice can be customised if you have an injury or different abilities. It can even help you to rehabilitate after an injury. Yoga helps your overall health by lowering your blood pressure.

Mental Benefits

  • Yoga can relieve stress - Some forms of exercise can amp you up and make you feel more aggressive. Yoga on the other hand uses relaxation techniques and breath awareness. These combined lowers your cortisol that will help you combat your stress when life gets hard.

  • Yoga can improve your focus - Yoga requires focus and mindful relaxation. These skills can easily translate into other areas of your life. Being mindful can help you to remain calm and maintain your concentration more often or in stressful situations.

  • Yoga improves your confidence - Yoga helps your balance and posture. This in turn can improve the way you carry yourself, as well as improving your self-confidence.

Physical Benefits

  • Yoga improves your flexibility - Yoga poses improve your range of motion and overall flexibility. If you have an injury, these poses can help your body heal and avoid injuries in the future, and even purges toxins.

  • Yoga improves your strength - Yoga is all about long, extended postures that really strengthen the muscles throughout your body. As you continue your practice you will build more muscle mass in a variety of different ways for better overall conditioning and endurance.

  • Yoga strengthens your core muscles - The movements in yoga can help build a strong core. This improves your overall balance and helps support your other muscles and joints, decreasing the possibility of hurting yourself.

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