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Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Yoga Mat

Here are Pip Yoga's top tips for helping you to choose your first yoga mat.

Look at the thickness

A standard yoga mat is usually 1/8 inch thick and that's fine for most people. However if you have a smaller frame the standard mat may be too thin for you. This is also true for people who have sensitive joints. Having a 1/4 inch mat will help to ease the pressure on your ankles, knees and elbows and provide more support for your joints.

However, having a thicker mat when it's not necessary for you can make it hard to balance. So, if you are comfortable with a standard mat and don't have any joint problems, there's no need to go any thicker.

Where are you practicing?

The place where you're practicing yoga matters. If you are practicing at home, you don't need to worry about your mat being a little heavier. If you are joining us at a free class for Pip Yoga (which you can book by selecting your preferred location and filling out your details here - Brookwood, Deepcut, Billingshurst) you will want to choose a lightweight mat, and it should be on the longer side too.

Make sure your mat is long enough

Your mat should be long enough for your entire body when you lie down. If your legs are going over the end of the mat, it makes it difficult for you to relax. A standard yoga mat is around 68 inches long, so if you're taller make sure to get a longer yoga mat.

Consider expressing your personal style

There are so many yoga mat options out there, so you can easily find one with a funky print or in your favourite colour.

Having the perfect yoga mat can help inspire you to practice more. You should look at your mat and be reminded of your commitment to your practice. From the moment you unroll your new mat and stand on it, you'll be in a different and more focused mindset. That's why finding the perfect yoga mat really matters.

The moral of the story here is there are plenty of things you need to think about when choosing your first yoga mat. Knowing how you want to practice and you specific needs will direct you to your perfect mat.

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