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10 Tips for Beginners Starting Their Yoga Practice

As a brand new yogi, taking that first step onto the mat can be the hardest part of starting your practice. There are many reasons that you may not have felt confident enough to start yoga - not enough time, the fear of the unknown, not feeling good enough, not knowing which class is right for you. The list is endless.

Here are Pip Yoga's top tips for all of those newbies, whether your starting Pip Yoga classes or just starting practicing at home. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Try out a free class first

Having your first class be completely free is a great incentive to try out yoga. Every person who wants to come to Pip Yoga gets their first class free for this reason. All of our teachers are passionate about yoga and are more than happy to share their own personal experiences and recommendations. So, when you visit us for the second time after signing up for classes, you will know the vibe and will feel much more confident.

If you are interested in starting your practice with us, simply click on the location you would like to attend to receive the information for the next free class and fill in your information to book - Brookwood, Deepcut, Billingshurst.

Be open minded

Yoga is going to be a challenge for someone who has never tried it before. The poses of yoga practice are important to our physical health, and the yoga philosophy and meditation behind the practice can do wonders for your mind, emotional health and general wellbeing.

You can follow your own path

At the beginning of your yoga journey, it's easy to hand over your trust to the teacher. As you continue to practice yoga, you will be able to regulate your own movements. If something isn't feeling right or you're uncomfortable, there's a valid reason. You may still need to ask for advice and support but no one else knows your body better than you do. Be guided by your intuition, rest when you need to and trust in the feedback your body is giving you.

Invest in your own mat

If you feel that yoga is going to benefit you physically and mentally, there is something really special about owning your own mat. It will help you feel more committed to your practice, and you will be more likely to use it at home and take it with you on your travels.

Yoga is not just on the mat

It's not always possible to get to class every single week. Life has different demands that take priority over your yoga practice. In these moments it's helpful to remember that yoga extends way beyond when you're on the mat. Integrate mindful moments into your day.

This can even be a moment to check-in with how you're feeling, giving someone else 100% of your attention or simply taking a big, deep breath. Continuing your practice off the mat means you can continue your yoga even when life sends you in another direction.

Learn to relax

Relaxation can be the hardest part of the practice for many beginners. Learning how to just be and allowing ourselves the gift of rest can feel like a foreign concept for many of us. That's just one of the reasons why yoga is so special. If it feels difficult to begin with, stick with it and do the best you can. It might just become your favourite part of the practice in the future.

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