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Signs That You Could Benefit From Meditation

Everyone benefits from meditation. Fact. Whether it's 1 minute a day, or 20 minutes a day; tapping into that inner peace and space could be the best self-care you've ever experienced.

However, there are times when the need for meditation is more evident. If you recognise any of these signs, it might be time to get your meditation on! And if you don't already practice yoga, why not come and join us at one of our free classes? You can email us at to find out more.

You're tired more often than not.

Feeling exhausted all the time is a common problem for many of us. We drag ourselves out of bed, power ourselves up with caffeine and then - despite feeling so tired all day - find it difficult to sleep at night. It's so normal for us to feel dogged by fatigue.

The weariness we feel seems to be a consequence of our demanding lives, and many of us just want more motivation and energy. With an energy boost, we wouldn't feel like we were spending our days in a waking doze, banking up more unfinished tasks and creating stress. It would also be a lot easier to achieve goals in other areas of life. Do you find yourself crashed out on the sofa when you have come spare time, rather than doing the stuff you aimed to do?

Meditation gives us that rest we need. By focusing our mind on a mantra and practicing yoga, we can soothe our mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. This allows us to switch off in a way that can be hard to achieve. Then we get that wonderful energy boost we need, and it generally makes us feel that little bit more amazing throughout the day.

It feels like you don't have enough time.

Time is always scarce. Our whole lives can be defined by the ticking of the clock. We sacrifice so much of our time to earning money, and trying to squeeze everything else into whatever time is left over.

The result? We end up feeling we don't have enough time to pursue our own interests, build relationships or just to relax. We're all imbued by this false sense of urgency, where any delays feel like disasters. Amongst all this rushing, we forget what's truly important.

Meditation can't stop the clock. But it can slow the pace of life down a little. Meditating every day provides a sense of calm, which increases focus so you can appreciate the small things in life. And because meditation can make you more productive, tasks can be worked through with more speed and accuracy, allowing us to have more time to enjoy ourselves.

Stressed seems to be your default state.

It's normal to get stressed out, but being constantly stressed out is completely different. Like tiredness, being constantly under pressure and stress is something a lot of us can relate to. Chronic stress makes life less enjoyable, because we don't live in the moment. We're always thinking about whatever's nagging away at us. Too much of this, and life begins to feel like it's nothing but a meaningless list of chores and worries.

One of the most amazing benefits of meditation is reduced stress. Stress causes havoc for health, sleep and mental wellbeing. So it's this benefit of meditation which is the best one of them all.

Meditation can direct your mind away from the mundane so you can experience glimpses at the deeper truth of life. Practicing this can help you to rise above persistent worries and daily frustrations. It's definitely something that you should be doing if you feel stressed and overwhelmed to help you manage and feel better within yourself.

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