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Back To School: Refreshing Your Yoga Practice

The summer holiday's are over and the kids have gone back to school. You may be returning to work or school yourself. Or maybe you're heading back to yoga class after a few months of inconsistent practice. Either way, when autumn rolls around we seem to be conditioned to settle back into our normal routines.

We certainly notice this with our Pip Yoga classes. But we're always so grateful to our awesome teachers who continue to work throughout summer to make sure you can keep your practice up.

Some people continue their practice all summer long. Some might do a few poses here and there, but nothing consistent. Maybe you missed some yoga classes to do other summer activities. Any of these choices is fine. Sometimes it's a good thing to take a break from your yoga routine and focus on other ways of maintaining your health and happiness.

Getting back into yoga can be difficult. In our busy lives, it's easy to let yoga fall to the wayside and fill your time with other activities. If you haven't been as consistent with your yoga practice over the summer, it's important to know that you should take it easy.

  • Start with a relaxed class. Let your body ease back into the practice. You don't have to start where you left off. But if you can, start off at your own pace. If you're returning to your old class, let your teacher know that you're going to be a bit slower than usual at first.

  • Be patient. Your flexibility may be a bit different now since the last time you practiced. Most people find that even with a couple of weeks off, they seem a lot less flexible. But it will come back relatively quickly. Don't push yourself. Let your body unwind naturally. Yoga is not about achieving maximum flexibility. It's all about balancing your inner and outer strength.

  • You may experience some soreness. It's to be expected when your body is reacquainted with physical practice. Soreness isn't a goal with yoga. It's usually due to damage in your muscle fibres, accompanied by inflammation. If you do experience some soreness, take it slowly. Do some light stretching accompanied by slow, deep breathing. Don't go straight for your limit but stay in your comfort zone.

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