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Y O G A • M E D I T A T I O N • H E A L I N G


* Special Intro Offer *

14 Days For £14 !

of unlimited access to the full online membership

Online Membership Perks:

all access pass

The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library! LIVE Yoga Classes, Yoga videos, Meditations, Courses, Breathing Exercises and much more!

NEW weekly content

Each week a new video is added to the library to help inspire and motivate you on your Yoga journey. Future collaborations will be including Yoga (of course) as well as Sound Healing, Nutrition, Angel Card Readings, Reiki and much more !

authentic teachings

Every video and audio is recorded from a genuine place of care and love for your well-being, with the right training and qualification behind it.


We like to check in to see how you’re doing, and hold your hand to guide you back on track when Life gets in the way

(which is normal).

a community of high vibrations

Our absolutely amazing private Facebook Group is a community that connects like-minded people with the same goals, who are excited to build each other up, motivate, do Yoga, make friends, and share the love! Monitored by myself and other wonderful Yoga Teachers and Healers to bring you Guidance everyday.

it's all about your well-being

And we get that. This is the place to help you to feel good, on a regular basis.

Complete beginners are welcome!

Even if you've no experience with Yoga, Meditation or any sort of Holistic Healing - this is still the place for you :)


What Our Yogi's Are Saying:

"I have just done your beginners online yoga and grounding meditation in candlelight. I need to say a huge THANK YOU. I feel calmer than I have for the past 3 weeks. I’m going to make this my priority to help me through whatever is to come."

"This is really powerful online! I even enjoyed setting up my 'yoga space' which really helped with my relaxation. Thank you for teaching me how to do Yoga and Meditation! The Healing Course is fascinating too."

"I'm really enjoying the classes at home online. They're a great part of my week. I don't always join Live for Yoga, so I'm especially grateful they are uploaded onto the Library to view anytime!"

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A FREE Taster Of Our Teachings:


* Special Intro Offer *

14 Days For £14 !

of unlimited access to the full online membership

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